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Student Feedback on Subjects - Publication Procedures

Section 1 - Background and Purpose


(1) This document sets out the conditions under which data from, and College and University responses to, Student Feedback on Subjects (SFS) surveys will be made available to interested parties, including current, former and future students, University staff and external stakeholders.


(2) As well as supporting improvement in curriculum design, teaching and learning within the University, aggregated data from SFS questionnaires are to be published for the University community and to the Federal Government.

(3) Colleges are also required to publish summarised reports of student feedback and any actions taken as a result of feedback in an electronic location accessible to students.

(4) These Procedures should be read in conjunction with the Student Feedback on Subjects - Administration Procedures.

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Section 2 - Scope

(5) Nil.

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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(6) Refer to the Student Feedback on Subjects Policy

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Section 4 - Procedure

Collection of Data

(7) The Planning and Institutional Performance Unit (PIPU) is responsible for the administration of the SFS process in accordance with the Student Feedback on Subjects - Administration Procedures.

Reporting of Data to Relevant Staff

(8) For each School, PIPU will provide the full quantitative and qualitative SFS dataset, by subject to the following staff:

  1. Subject co-ordinators
  2. Course Co-ordinators
  3. Head of School
  4. Relevant College Associate PVC (Coursework)
  5. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning, Quality and Innovation)
  6. Executive Director, Quality and Standards

(9) This dataset will include details of the teaching period and campus of each instance of the subject. The dataset will be constructed to allow easy comparison of the subject-level results, item by item, across semesters. It will include response rates at subject level.

(10) A summary of the quantitative SFS data, showing analysis of trends by subject, School and College, will be released to:

  1. Heads of School
  2. Associate PVC (Coursework) in each College
  3. College Provosts
  4. Campus Directors
  5. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning, Quality and Innovation)
  6. Executive Director, Quality and Standards
  7. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

(11) Reports of the qualitative feedback of students will be provided to staff identified above to assist in the interpretation of quantitative data.

(12) Summary reports of this nature may also be provided to the Vice-Chancellor and to Council, as required.

(13) College Provosts and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) may request PIPU to provide them access to the full qualitative feedback provided by students as part of the SFS.

(14) The University will provide to the Federal Government and other statutory bodies any aggregate SFS data as may be required to meet funding or regulatory requirements. Summary SFS data may also be provided to professional accreditation review panels and internal course review panels.

(15) As part of the Subject Improvement Project, SFS data will be used in reports developed to monitor and track the performance of subjects to inform quality assurance and quality improvement activities. These reports will be provided via a dedicated Unite site administered by the Office of the DVC(E). The distribution group for these Subject Improvement Reports will be determined by the DVC(E).

Interpreting Data

(16) Analysis and interpretation of data will be supported by guidelines developed by PIPU.  Training and assistance to staff in interpretation of SFS results will also be provided by La Trobe Learning and Teaching.

Closing the Loop on Student Feedback on Subjects

(17) Every time a subject is taught the Subject Coordinator will ensure that students are provided with a summary of changes academic staff have made on the basis of previous SFS results and the changes published on the LMS site.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(18) Nil.