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Paid Additional Work Within the University - Full Time Staff Procedure

This procedure is being updated to reflect the new Enterprise Agreement and may currently contain out of date information. If you have any questions, please lodge an Ask HR ticket.

Section 1 - Background and Purpose


(1) La Trobe University seeks to regulate the engagement of its staff and their responsibilities and entitlements where these are not already prescribed by law and to set out the circumstances in which full-time academic and professional staff may engage in paid additional work within the University.


(2) These Procedures should not be used where the work can be undertaken in normal working hours, including overtime, and within the normal resources of the school.

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Section 2 - Scope

(3) These Procedures apply to:

  1. academic staff members who undertake additional teaching duties in another school in addition to their normal duties; or
  2. professional staff members who are required in exceptional circumstances to work in another school or division in addition to their normal duties and hours of work.

(4) Also refer to the Workforce Management Policy.

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Section 3 - Procedures


(5) Any paid additional work undertaken must not interfere with the efficient discharge of the staff member’s normal University duties.

(6) All additional work shall be paid at the applicable casual academic or professional rate of pay for the actual work being undertaken.

(7) Staff are not permitted to privately tutor University students for a fee without prior approval from the Unit Manager. 

(8) Staff must take special care to avoid conflicts of interest and must complete and return a Declaration of Conflict of Interest if appropriate.

Application to Academic Staff

(9) Full-time academic staff members do not normally receive payment for additional teaching undertaken within the University, except where a staff member has limited involvement in a course offered by another school or office, provided that the:

  1. staff member’s total contribution to the course is no more than five classes;
  2. staff member has no major involvement in the planning or administration of the course as a whole; and
  3. staff member’s involvement in the course is outside the scope of normal duties and is not undertaken on a regular or recurring basis.

Application to Professional Staff

(10) Exceptional circumstances may occasionally require a Unit Manager to enter into an arrangement with a professional staff member to have some University work undertaken outside normal working hours, in an area other than that in which the staff member is normally employed, and on an irregular and non-recurring basis.

Approvals Required

(11) A written proposal must be approved before a staff member undertakes paid additional work. The proposal should contain the following information:

  1. staff member’s name and staff number;
  2. source of funds;
  3. proposed casual rate of pay;
  4. University facilities to be used;
  5. amount of work involved and the period over which the additional work is to be performed;
  6. demonstration that there are adequate grounds in terms of skill and cost for offering the proposed work to the staff member; and
  7. a completed Paid Additional Work Within the University - Full-time Staff form (‘Form’).

(12) Where the additional work is being offered in a different school or division to that where the staff member is normally employed, the Unit Manager or equivalent must endorse the proposal.

(13) The proposal should be forwarded to:

  1. For professional positions, the Executive Director of area; or
  2. For academic positions, the Dean of the school; and
  3. Then submitted to Human Resources for approval.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(14) For the purpose of this Procedure:

  1. Unit Manager
    1. also includes:
      1. Deans or duly appointed delegate;
      2. Heads of Departments or duly appointed delegate;
      3. Supervisors or duly appointed delegate; and/or
      4. Managers or duly appointed delegate.