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Health and Safety Procedure - Smoke Free Environment

Section 1 - Key Information

Policy Type and Approval Body Administrative – Vice-Chancellor
Accountable Executive – Policy Chief Operating Officer
Responsible Manager – Policy Senior Manager, Health and Safety
Review Date 6 September 2025
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Section 2 - Purpose

(1) The University is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and promoting the health and wellbeing of all members of its Community.

(2) In doing so, the University exercises smoke-free zones across campuses, buildings and grounds where smoking is not permitted.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) This Policy applies to:

  1. all staff and members of the University Community (including Council members, volunteers, students, contractors and associates).
  2. all University campuses and research areas.
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Section 4 - Key Decisions

Key Decisions  Role
Withhold student graduation for an unpaid fine
Executive Director, Asset Transformation
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Section 5 - Policy Statement

(4) This Procedure forms part of the Health and Safety Policy suite which governs its application.  This procedure aligns with the Tobacco Act 1987 (VIC), prohibiting smoking and vaping in all enclosed workplaces and Tobacco Regulations 2017 (VIC). 

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Section 6 - Procedures


(5) All staff, students, contractors and visitors to the University are asked to observe the smoke-free zone requirements.

(6) Security staff will oversee the grounds, buildings and enclosed spaces at each campus to ensure these environments remain smoke free, and will provide friendly enforcement where this becomes necessary. 

Smoke Free Zones

(7) Smoke free zones extend across all enclosed spaces, buildings, residencies, grounds, and include the University Fleet and commercial vehicles. 

(8) Campus general car parks are outside the smoke-free zones.

Designated Smoking Areas (Hubs)

(9) In recognition that the University grounds are expansive, a small number of designated smoking areas (hubs) are available for cigarette smoking and e-cigarette vaping only. 

(10) Smoking medicinal cannabis is prohibited anywhere on campus including designated smoking areas. This position is in alignment with the Therapeutic Goods Administration patient guidelines for the proper use of medicinal cannabis. 

(11) Designated smoking areas are identified on campus maps and found on the University internet site – Smoke Free La Trobe.

(12) Designated smoking areas are located away from campus buildings and walkways. The purpose of the hubs is to enable access to a discrete area and:

  1. Ensure smoke and vapour dissipates away from others
  2. Butts and associated litter are collected and sustainably disposed
  3. The area is safe for day/night/all-weather use

Smoking and Related Products

(13) The University disallows the sale and use of all smoking and vaping products across our campuses. This includes e-cigarettes and their inclusion is consistent with the Victorian statutory requirements.


(14) The University community is widely supportive of our smoke free environment, nevertheless enforcement provisions will at times be necessary to respond to occasional resistance.

(15) In circumstances where individuals are smoking or vaping within the smoke free zones, the following steps will apply.

(16) In the first instance:

  1. The smoker will be asked to cease smoking or vaping immediately, and 
    1. The smoker will be required to provide identification.
    2. Authorised officers may issue a written warning. 

(17) In further instances, where failure to comply occurs:

  1. Authorised officers may issue a penalty notice 
    1. The smoker will be required to provide identification 
    2. This penalty notice is derived from the University Grounds Statute 2009 and the fine is set at 50% of one penalty unit

(18) If the fine is not paid:

  1. The student may not, without the written consent of the Vice Chancellor or Executive Director, Asset Transformation, graduate until such time the fine is paid.
  2. A request for written consent must be made to Infrastructure & Operations via email.
  3. Normal collection processes will apply for staff members, visitors and contractors, including court action where necessary.

Further Information

(19) Further information about smoking and the resources that are available to quit are listed on the University internet site – Smoke Free La Trobe.

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Section 7 - Definitions

(20) For the purpose of this policy and procedure:

  1. Smoke free areas is defined as all enclosed spaces, buildings, grounds, or vehicles operated by the University.
  2. Smoking is defined as the act of lighting, smoking or carrying a lighted or smoldering cigar, cigarette or pipe of any kind. This includes electronic nicotine delivery systems or electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-hookahs and e-cigars.
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Section 8 - Authority and Associated Information

(21) This Policy is made under the La Trobe University Act 2009.

(22) Associated information includes:

  1. Health and Safety (intranet)
  2. Quit Victoria
  3. Guidance for the use of medicinal cannabis in Australia: Patient information | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)