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Research Integrity Policy

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Section 1 - Key Information

Policy Type and Approval Body Academic – Academic Board
Accountable Executive – Policy Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research Industry and Engagement)
Responsible Manager – Policy Executive Director, Research Office
Review Date 27 September 2026
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Section 2 - Purpose

(1) This Policy outlines the framework for the responsible conduct of research, which includes the responsibilities of individual researchers and the University’s expectations and responsibilities as outlined in the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research (2018 or as updated), also known as ‘the Research Code’.

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Section 3 - Scope

(2) This Policy applies to:

  1. All La Trobe campuses and facilities
  2. All La Trobe research, including research conducted under any arrangements with third parties
  3. All La Trobe staff and students who engage in research 
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Section 4 - Key Decisions

Key Decisions  Role
Not applicable            
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Section 5 - Policy Statement

(3) The University expects research to be conducted responsibly, ethically and with integrity.

(4) The University requires all staff and students who engage in research to adhere to the principles of responsible research conduct as prescribed by the Research Code: honesty, rigour, transparency, fairness, respect, recognition, accountability and promotion of responsible practices.

(5) The University will provide research integrity training to research staff and students.

(6) La Trobe research staff and students are expected to adhere to the responsible research practices as established by the University in reference to the Research Code, and other relevant state, federal, and international legislation, policies and guidelines. 

(7) Roles and responsibilities of La Trobe research staff and students are outlined in the University policies, procedures and guidelines that all form part of the University’s Research Governance Framework.

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Section 6 - Procedures

(8) Individual researchers should refer to the following University policies and procedures which outline the compliance and regulatory environment that all research staff and students need to comply with to ensure responsible research practices are always maintained: 

  1. Research Governance Policy
  2. Research Authorship and Outputs Policy
  3. Research Peer Review Procedure
  4. Conflict of Interests Policy 
  5. Research Data Management Policy
  6. Research Human Ethics Procedure
  7. Research Animal Ethics Procedure
  8. Research Biosafety and Biosecurity Policy
  9. Research Biosafety and Biosecurity Procedure
  10. Research Clinical Trials Policy

(9) The procedure for managing and investigating complaints and alleged breaches of the Research Code related to staff conducting research at La Trobe is described in the Research Misconduct Procedure.

(10) Suspected breaches of research integrity by a higher degree student will be managed under the Research - Higher Degree Student Misconduct Procedure.

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Section 7 - Definitions

(11) For the purpose of this policy and procedure:

  1. Higher Degree: a master’s degree or Doctoral degree, whether by coursework or research or a combination of coursework and research.
  2. Research Code: The Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018, or as updated).
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Section 8 - Authority and Associated Information

(12) This Policy is made under the La Trobe University Act 2009.