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Single Subjects Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Background and Purpose

(1) Members of the community may apply to undertake a single subject at La Trobe University, without enrolling in a course of study. This Policy outlines the various ways in which single subjects may be undertaken at the University.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) This Policy applies to subjects that are:

  1. available on a single subject basis as determined by the University and as may be varied from time to time
  2. applied for directly through the University

(3) The study of La Trobe single subjects through any of the University’s partners will be subject to the arrangements agreed with those partners. Information concerning applications and conditions will be available on the partner website.

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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4) Members of the community may participate in single subjects offered by the University, without enrolling in a course of the University, in the following ways:

  1. enrolling in a single subject and participating in all assessment
  2. auditing a subject where only lectures and/or other classes such as laboratory sessions are attended and assessment is not attempted

(5) Any enrolment in a single subject must not cause a subject quota to be exceeded nor must it displace the enrolment of a student enrolled in a course of the University.

(6) Students enrolled in single subjects under this Policy have the same entitlements and responsibilities as students enrolled in subjects within a course of the University.

(7) Individuals auditing a subject are entitled to access learning materials and lectures for that subject but will not have access to University support services or direct interaction with and/or supervision by teaching staff in the subject other than that required for administration of attendance.

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Section 4 - Procedures

Part A - Eligibility for Participation in Single Subjects


(8) All students must satisfy any applicable entry requirements for the specific subject for which they wish to apply.

(9) Off-shore international students, or on-shore international students who hold a temporary visa (other than a student visa) are eligible to apply for single subjects.

(10) International students who hold a student visa are not eligible to enrol in single subjects unless they are also enrolled in a CRICOS-registered course.


(11) There are no formal eligibility requirements for auditing single subjects. However the University may refuse an application to audit a subject where safety or other considerations apply.

Part B - Enrolment Load

(12) The single subject enrolment of any individual must not normally exceed the full-time load in any teaching period. Audited subjects do not count towards this limit.

Part C - Applications and Approvals


(13) Applications for single subject enrolment must be made on the relevant form via the University website and submitted through the appropriate entity noted on the form depending on the background of the student.

(14) Student Administration approves applications for:

  1. first-year single subjects for which there are no prerequisites or quotas
  2. other subjects designated as open access by the Subject Coordinator or equivalent

(15) Applications to enrol in all other single subjects are approved by the Subject Coordinator or equivalent.

(16) The Subject Coordinator must be satisfied that:

  1. the subject will be available for enrolment in the relevant teaching period
  2. the subject is suitable for single subject enrolment including, where relevant, consideration of assumed prior knowledge, professional accreditation or work based learning limitations
  3. the applicant has satisfied any pre-requisites for the subject, including any relevant course core participation requirements
  4. the enrolment of the applicant will not cause a subject’s enrolment quota (if any) to be exceeded, and
  5. the enrolment will not displace the enrolment of a student of a course of the University


(17) Applications to audit subjects should be made directly to the School in which the subject is offered.

(18) The relevant Subject Coordinator will approve applications and arrange access to learning materials and lectures where required.

Part D - Fees and Financial Assistance


(19) Fees and fee-help assistance for single subject studies are subject to the provisions of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 [ss36-55 and 19-90(3)].

(20) Fees for single subject enrolment may not be less than the tuition charged for a student enrolled in those subjects within a course of the University.

(21) A student withdrawing from enrolment in single subject studies is treated in the same way as a student withdrawing from subjects comprising part of an enrolled course.

(22) Withdrawal on or before the census date for that subject results in a refund of the fee charged and withdrawal after the census date for that subject results in no refund of fees charged.

(23) Fee-help assistance for single subjects is currently only available for single subject enrolments through Open Universities Australia.


(24) An audited subject is not covered by the Higher Education Support Act 2003 as the person is not considered a Student under the Act in relation to the audited subject/s.

(25) The charge for auditing a subject is at the discretion of the relevant Dean.

(26) Payment is not refundable after classes have commenced.

Part E - Assessment and Record of Results

(27) Assessment of the performance of students enrolled on a single subject studies basis will be identical to that for students enrolled in the subject as part of a course of the University.

(28) A person who has enrolled in a subject on a single subject basis and who completes all required assessment, including any examinations, is entitled to a formal statement of their results.

(29) A person who audits a subject does not complete assessment requirements and does not receive a formal statement of their results or participation in or completion of the subject.

Part F - Entitlement to Course Entry and Credit

(30) Completion of a single subject does not automatically entitle a student to entry to a course.

(31) A student who is admitted to a course of the University may apply for credit for subjects completed with at least a Pass result in the manner specified in the Admissions Procedure - Credit.

(32) When a subject is advertised specifically for the purposes of single subject enrolment, the courses for which credit may be gained are listed.

(33) A student who is admitted to a course of the University and has audited a subject under this Policy cannot apply for credit for that subject.

Part G - Reporting and Recording Requirements

(34) An enrolment on a single subject basis is required to be reported to the government and is recorded in the student enrolment database.

(35) A person who is auditing a subject is not reported to the government and is not recorded in the student enrolment database.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(36) For the purpose of this Policy and Procedure:

  1. Auditing a subject: a person audits a subject of the University when they have access to learning materials and/or attend lectures or classes as an observer. Auditing students are not formally enrolled in the subject and assessment is not attempted.
  2. Full-time load in a teaching period: the number of subjects or credit points normally allocated to a single semester or teaching period, however defined in the course delivery plan.
  3. Single Subject: A single subject is a subject taken as an individual subject on a non-award basis outside of enrolment in a course.
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Section 6 - Related Documents

Information and Forms

(37) See the Single Subject webpage for information and application form.