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Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Section 1 - Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Part A - Preamble

(1) La Trobe University aspires to provide an outstanding student experience that is conducive to scholarly activity and supportive of individual learning goals. Underpinning this experience is a safe, inclusive and respectful environment. 

(2) This Student Charter embodies the core values and principles that we hold as a community and the partnership that exists between our students and the University. La Trobe students and the University acknowledge and respect the reciprocity of their respective rights and obligations.   

Part B - Learning

(3) You have a right to:

  1. An educational environment that actively develops and enriches your learning;
  2. Programs that are academically rigorous and up-to-date, with high quality teaching and supervision; 
  3. Prompt and helpful feedback on your academic performance;
  4. Effective and accessible learning environments that facilitate your interactions with your lecturers, your subject content and other students; 
  5. Reasonable access to services that are responsive to your needs;
  6. Access to review and appeal processes in line with University policies and procedures;
  7. Access to student support services, including independent advice and advocacy;
  8. Accurate and timely responses to your inquiries and concerns; 
  9. Expect that confidentiality guidelines concerning your personal information will be observed.

(4) You are responsible for:

  1. Engaging in your academic studies with honesty and integrity;
  2. Taking an active role in your learning by participating in class activities, placement rounds, completing assignments on time and acting on feedback from lecturers;
  3. Meeting your commitments to other students including contributions to group work;
  4. Pursuing your career goals through enquiry and action;
  5. Making the most of the opportunities and services provided by the University;
  6. Contributing positively to La Trobe’s culture by being connected, innovative, accountable and caring;
  7. Complying with all University policies, procedures and guidelines;
  8. Ensuring that your contact details are up to date and engaging through the proper channels of communication with the University.

Part C - Behaviour and Wellbeing

(5) You have a right to:

  1. Learn in a safe and supportive environment and be treated with respect by fellow students, staff, the broader University community and its partners;
  2. Study in an environment which is free from unacceptable behaviour, including discrimination, harassment, bullying, vilification, victimization and violence;
  3. Raise issues, concerns or complaints without fear of victimisation and be provided with the necessary support, processes and guidance;
  4. Access an internal complaints process which is based on procedural fairness and reflects fairness, confidentiality, transparency, accessibility and efficiency;
  5. Choose to be represented by an independent and democratically elected student organization that is formed by and for the students of La Trobe University;
  6. Expect that your student organisation acts in the best interests of its members;
  7. Assemble and engage in protests and activism on University grounds, which are conducted in a safe and peaceful manner.

(6) You are responsible for:

  1. Behaving in a respectful manner at all times towards fellow students, staff and members of the broader University community and its partners;
  2. Valuing diversity and everyone’s right to make a respectful contribution;
  3. Engaging in positive behaviours and using language which does not cause offence, physical/ emotional injury or intimidation to another person;
  4. Using social and other electronic forms of media appropriately and refraining from using it to vilify, intimidate, isolate or bully another student, staff member or member of the broader University and general community;
  5. Behaving professionally when representing La Trobe on student placements, on overseas programs, volunteering and at sporting or other University sponsored events;
  6. Using University property and resources safely, in a way which will not endanger others or cause unnecessary damage or reputational risk;
  7. Taking an active role in contributing to an environment that is safe and free from discrimination, harassment, vilification and victimisation;
  8. Reporting unacceptable behaviour or concerns and participating in a complaints process as required.

Part D - Relevant University Policies

(7) This Charter aligns with a statutory and regulatory framework, informed by government legislation, University Regulations, Statues, and Policies. For more information, please visit the Policy Library (