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Recognition of Significant Service and Contributions Policy

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Section 1 - Background and Purpose


(1) The University is responsible for all decisions on the recognition of (non-financial) outstanding contributions and/or honourable service by individuals or organisations who are staff, alumni, community members or other supporters who bear a special relationship with the University. The University thus:

  1. retains the right to decide what type/level of recognition is appropriate
  2. has adopted a policy where the University will accept nominations for individuals or organisations to be recognised, with the Chief Operating Officer making the final recommendation on level/manner of recognition (or not) after following the agreed Procedures document.
  3. the Vice-Chancellor will give final approval of recommendations.


(2) In fulfilling its mission, the University receives support through outstanding service of its staff, its alumni members, the community and other supporters who bear a special relationship with the University. This Policy relates to support and contributions other than financial bequests or donations to the University. The ‘Named Gift Policy’ already exists covering financial donations and recognition of those donations to the University.

(3) This Policy seeks to provide meaningful opportunities for the recognition of individuals or organisations who have made outstanding contributions and/or delivered honourable service to the University, and who are/will be considered an inspiration for future generations of students, graduates, staff and other members of the La Trobe University community.

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Section 2 - Scope

(4) All schools, campuses, divisions and organisational units of the University.

(5) Recognition rights may be offered to those whose service and/or contribution to the University:

  1. advance the academic mission of the University;
  2. are consistent with the core values of the University;
  3. further the capacity of the University to meet its objectives; and
  4. enhance the growth and reputation of the University.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(6) The University may at any time receive and consider an approach from within the University for recognition of (non-financial) outstanding contribution or honourable service or a special relationship with the University. 

(7) In considering an application for recognition rights, the University will take into account issues of academic freedom, integrity and financial implications and reserves the right to refuse the nomination/application, if this may be compromised through acceptance of the recognition application.

(8) Subject to La Trobe University practices applying, recognition rights may be granted in relation to:

  1. Naming of a University building (new and existing) or substantial parts of buildings (wings, floors, segments)
  2. Naming of streets, walkways and outside spaces
  3. Naming of rooms and spaces within existing and new buildings
  4. Naming of departments, schools
  5. Naming of programs of service or recreation
  6. Naming of lectureships, special lecture series, fellowships, library collections, film series
  7. Naming of research programs
  8. Name inclusion on a (future) University’s Recognition Board
  9. Naming of an annual or one-off events (social or academic)
  10. Establishment and naming of a scholarship or Award managed by the University
  11. Other suitable and agreed recognition opportunities

(9) Evidence of support for the nomination must be presented when the request for recognition is submitted to the Chief Operating Officer.

(10) All personnel who are authorised by the University to recommend an individual or organisation, must be fully conversant with the terms of this Policy and Procedure.

(11) The duration of the recognition - whether in perpetuity or for a specified period - will be determined by the Chief Operating Officer in consultation with the recognised person or organisation at the time of the processing of the accepted nomination.

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Section 4 - Procedures


(12) Recognition rights are to be approved following the procedures described in this, and related documents.

(13) Recognition may be granted with respect to :

  1. individual’s significant service or non-financial contribution
  2. institutions, organisations, University groups and similar

(14) Applications will only be considered from within the University community.

Nomination Process and Approval

(15) Requests for recognition within the University should be presented to the Chief Operating Officer with supporting documentation to highlight suitability within the context and criteria of this Policy.

(16) If approved by the Chief Operating Officer the recommendation for recognition will then be forwarded to the Vice-Chancellor for final acceptance.

(17) Any Recognition approval will be given for a period as specified at the time of the approval. After final approval, the Chief Operating Officer will direct Infrastructure and Operations to facilitate the Recognition action.

Facility Naming Register

(18) Once requests for Recognition have been finalised and approved, Infrastructure and Operations will update the Facility Naming Register.

(19) Infrastructure and Operations shall keep the Register, with names of Buildings, Parts of Buildings, Physical Facilities, External Spaces and Infrastructure and any other Recognition items.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(20) Nil.