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Sustainable Transport Policy

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Section 1 - Background and Purpose

(1) To formulate the overall guidelines for a sustainable approach to University travel.  To enhance staff and student awareness of sustainable transport options. Thus, to achieve the best result for the traveller, University, wider community and environment through reducing vehicle kilometres travelled and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) This Policy applies to:

  1. All campuses
  2. All staff
  3. All students
  4. All University travellers

(3) This policy covers travel:

  1. To and from work between campuses
  2. To and from meetings / conferences / external sites, locally, nationally and internationally
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4) La Trobe University will:

  1. Reduce and report on car fleet travel and air travel.
  2. Maximise the use of communication technology options for meetings in lieu of travel.
  3. Engage with staff, students and the broader La Trobe community to promote change in favour of active and sustainable transport options.
  4. Promote walking, cycling, public transport and other options to specifically reduce single occupancy car use in line with the relevant University target.
  5. Where vehicles are necessary, promote the use of low energy/emissions vehicles for University business and personal travel.
  6. Increase individuals’ awareness of their travel and impacts on the environment and broader society.
  7. Ensure that all travel conducted for University business purposes considers the environmental impact.
  8. Reduce car fleet size and utilise carshare fleet for travel.
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Section 4 - Procedures

(5) Refer to the:

  1. University Vehicle Fleet Policy.
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Section 5 - Definitions

(6) Nil.