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Awarding of Title - Charles La Trobe Professor Policy

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Section 1 - Background and Purpose

(1) To set out the Policy and Procedures for the award of the title Charles La Trobe Professor.

(2) The process will be based on demonstrated academic achievement which supports the University’s strategic goals in teaching and research, and will be conducted in a transparent and equitable manner and with due regard for confidentiality.

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Section 2 - Scope

(3) Applies to:

  1. All campuses
  2. All colleges
  3. Professorial members of the University 
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4) To recognise academic achievement at the highest level from within the current professoriate, sustained over a period of time at La Trobe University, by the award of the title Charles La Trobe Professor and thereby to support the University’s strategic objectives. 

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Section 4 - Procedure


(5) Nominees must be currently at professorial level. 

(6) Professors who have a sustained record of academic achievement at the very highest level at La Trobe and who bring credit to the University and raise the University’s standing nationally and internationally may be nominated for such an award.


(7) The criteria are:

  1. an exceptional record of academic achievement at the highest level;
  2. a sustained contribution to La Trobe over a period of time;
  3. must be acknowledged as a pre-eminent international scholar in the field;
  4. must have published in leading journals in the field and have a record of sustained success in national and Commonwealth competitive grants (relative to the discipline).

(8) Evidence of national and international recognition at the highest level could be demonstrated by the following examples:

  1. evidence of major international impact of publications; 
  2. international awards or prizes; 
  3. internationally recognised research leadership;
  4. election to a fellowship of a learned academy, or equivalent form of peer recognition;
  5. a record of research commercialisation and international collaborations;
  6. proven experience in effective engagement with government, industry, community organisations and/or international institutions.

Term of Award

(9) Five (5) years. At the conclusion of this term, the Pro Vice-Chancellor may put forward a case to extend the award for a further term.

Submission of Nominations

(10) Nominations may be made at any time by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, or by a Deputy Vice-Chancellor, to the Vice-Chancellor and must include:

  1. a statement by the Pro Vice-Chancellor/nominator setting out a clear rationale for the award, and citing evidence of achievements relative to the criteria; 
  2. confirmation from the Pro Vice-Chancellor/nominator that funding is available within the area budget to cover the merit allowance;
  3. the Pro Vice-Chancellor/nominator shall provide the names and contact details of at least six potential suitable professorial assessors of high international standing, at least two of whom shall be from outside Australia, and provide reasons for selecting them. The nominee should not be consulted;
  4. a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae.


(11) The committee will make the decision regarding the choice of independent assessors. A list of names will be provided by the Pro Vice-Chancellor/nominator, and the committee may take advice from elsewhere when selecting assessors. 

(12) Normally, four reports will be obtained from independent assessors.

Committee Membership

(13) Composition: 

  1. Vice-Chancellor or nominee (as Chair); 
  2. two Deputy Vice-Chancellors; 
  3. a Pro Vice-Chancellor from another college. 

(14) The committee membership must meet the University’s requirements for gender representation. 

Consideration of nominations

(15) The nominations will be assessed by the committee against the criteria outlined in clauses 8 and 9, above. 

(16) The committee may elect to invite the nominating Pro Vice-Chancellor/Deputy Vice Chancellor to attend the meeting to speak to the nomination.

(17) A decision will be made either to support, or not to support, the nomination.


(18) The Vice-Chancellor will have the authority to approve the award of the title Charles La Trobe Professor. 

(19) If approved, the award will take effect normally from the date of approval by the Vice-Chancellor.

(20) Successful nominations will be reported to the Academic Board.

Conditions Relating to Award

(21) A person awarded the title of Charles La Trobe Professor should have the same duties and responsibilities as appointees to professorial positions within the relevant schools.

(22) The University reserves the right to withdraw the award in the event that the recipient engages in conduct which might reflect badly on the University.

Right of Appeal

(23) As an award of the title Charles La Trobe Professor is by nomination and not by application, there will be no appeal mechanism for persons whose nominations are unsuccessful.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(24) For the purpose of this Policy and Procedure:

  1. Charles La Trobe Professor – a title that may be awarded to current professorial staff members to recognise a record of academic achievement the highest level at La Trobe sustained over a period of time. 
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Section 6 - Stakeholders

Responsibility for implementation – Vice-Chancellor; and Executive Director, Human Resources.
Responsibility for monitoring implementation and compliance – Executive Director, Human Resources.