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Course Design Guidelines - Subject Minimum Online Requirements

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These guidelines provide information on the minimum requirements for provision of information on each subject site. Further information on best practice and options for creating engaging and productive subject sites can be found on the Learning and Teaching intranet site.
For all subjects, the following information will be provided to students two weeks prior to commencement of a teaching period:
  1. Subject code, name and description
  2. Subject Coordinator and teaching staff details including email address
  3. Welcome text, including how to get help
  4. Subject intended learning outcomes*
  5. Requirements for completion such as labs, placements etc*
  6. A schedule of teaching activities, including assessment descriptions and due dates
  7. A list of required and recommended readings, wherever possible as direct links to digital editions*
  8. Information regarding any specialist equipment or technology required, including software and internet requirements*
  9. A brief contextualised response to feedback received through the Student Feedback on Subjects (SFS) survey on the previously taught instance of the subject*
* This information may be uploaded via the Subject Learning Guide.
All subjects should also include:
  1. A discussion forum (or equivalent) for students to connect with one another
  2. Links to recorded lectures where available (where lectures are used)
  3. Learning resources required for activities (which may be released progressively)
Links to the following are also provided as standard in the University template:
  1. Academic support resources (including academic integrity)
  2. Technology support services
  3. Student support services
  4. Library services