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Representing the University (Public Utterances) Procedure

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Section 1 - Background and Purpose

(1) These Procedures provide guidance to staff when making public statements, particularly about official La Trobe University (‘University’) policies and when communicating with Federal or State Government Ministers.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) These Procedures apply to all staff including honorary staff. 

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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(3) Nil.

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Section 4 - Procedure

Communication with Ministers of the Crown  

(4) Statements that appear to represent the view of the University should only be conveyed to a Minister:

  1. through the Vice-Chancellor; or
  2. with the Vice-Chancellor's prior agreement.

(5) The Vice-Chancellor must be: 

  1. consulted beforehand as they may possess relevant information; and 
  2. sent a copy of any such communications.

Public Statements by Staff Members

(6) Staff members have the right to, and are encouraged to, express their views. However, this right must be exercised in line with University interests. Staff should contact the Director, Media and Communications for clarification where necessary.  

University Policy

(7) Only the University Executive or an appointed spokesperson should make public statements about University policy.

Public Statements

(8) Any comment staff make may be interpreted as representing an official University position. Therefore staff members are encouraged to make public statements only within the range of their own expertise. 

Personal Views

(9) When commenting outside their recognised expertise, staff members must make it clear that a personal view is being expressed.

(10) These Procedures do not restrict freedom of expression and the promotion of critical inquiry where a staff member is expressing a personal view.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(11) Nil.