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Assessment Schedule - Grades and Administrative Codes

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Section 1 - Background and Purpose

(1) This Schedule provides: 

  1. the official record of the current grading scheme used by the University to report on student performance in personal records, academic transcripts, graduate statements, or other official statements of results such as for Tertiary Admissions Centres; 
  2. the methodology for calculating overall indicators of student academic performance such as Weighted Average Mark (WAM). 

(2) The official record of grades is to be reproduced annually in the University Handbook. 

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Section 2 - Scope

(3) This Schedule applies to all award courses and non-award credentialed courses, regardless of mode or location.

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Section 3 -  Schedule


La Trobe University Higher Education Assessment Grades 

Coursework Only – Undergraduate or Post Graduate  
A (80%-100%)
B (70%-79%)
C (60%-69%)
D (50%-59%)
A Grade Pass
B Grade Pass 
C Grade Pass
D Grade Pass
Ungraded Pass
Conceded Pass
N (0%-49%)
Ungraded Fail
H1 (80%-100%)
H2A (70%-79%)
H2B (60%-69%)
H3 (50%-59%)
First Class Honours
Second Class Honours – Division A
Second Class Honours – Division B
Third Class Honours
Ungraded Pass
N (0%-49%)
Ungraded Fail
Research – Masters Degree by Research Thesis; Doctoral Thesis (other than Higher Doctorate)     
PASS Thesis Passed
Thesis Failed
Thesis Failed - Downgraded to Masters (applied to doctoral thesis)
External Studies – where a student undertakes studies at another institution    
EXTP External Pass
EXTF External Fail
Administrative Codes (all of the codes below apply to Coursework and Honours only except where otherwise indicated)
** Missing Result applies to Coursework, Honours, Research, External Studies
EX Exemption
KN Withdrawn Late (counted as fail) applies to Coursework, Honours, Research
NC Conceded Pass
NRA No Result Available applies to Coursework, Honours, External Studies
NS Nothing Submitted (counted as fail)
SAHA Supplementary Assessment Hurdle Alternative (not central examination)
SAHE Supplementary Assessment Hurdle Examination (central examination)
SPA Special Assessment Alternative (not central examination)
SPE Special Assessment Examination (central examination)
V No result was recorded due to extenuating circumstances
W Withheld (for academic misconduct, late results, results unavailable due to placement)
WD Withdrawn Without Academic Penalty
XC Allowed to Continue (for thesis subjects to indicate that a student is successfully progressing)
X Continuing Pass (for thesis subjects that have been XC when the final subject result is finalised)

La Trobe University Registered Training Organisation 3899 Vocational Educational and Training (VET) Grades

C Competent 
CT Credit Transfer
NYC Not Yet Competent
NC Not Competent
NA Not Available (i.e. work not handed in or not fully completed)


High Distinction (80%-100%)
Distinction (70%-79%)
Credit (60%-69%)
Pass (50%-59%)
Graded to Pass Only
Exemption Granted
Fail (0%-49%)
Did Not Sit Examination
Fail – Pass all components other than a hurdle requirement
No Result Available 
** Missing Result
X Not Yet Competent


The Weighted Average Mark for a Progression Period is calculated as follows:

WAM = the sum of (Numeric mark for a subject x Credit Points for that subject) of each subject attempted / Total Credit Points

For example:
Numeric mark Credit points Calculation
83 15 83 x 15 = 1245
69 15 69 x 15 = 1035
75 30 75 x 30 = 2250
95 15 95 x 15 = 1425
74 15 74 x 15 = 1110
67 30 67 x 30 = 2010
Total 120 9075
The WAM in this example is 9075 (the sum of the numeric mark for a subject x credit points for that subject) divided by 120 (total credit points for those subjects), which is 75.63. 

(4) If an assessment outcome has no numeric mark, then it cannot be used in the total WAM calculation except for an NS (Nothing Submitted) or KN (Late Withdrawal with Academic Penalty) grade, where the default numeric mark value of zero will be used in the calculation. 

(5) A WAM cannot be calculated if a student has one or more incomplete grades (e.g., X or W) within the Progression Period. 

Conversion of Temporary Administrative Codes

(6) Where a temporary Administrative Code is to be awarded pending the outcome of a supplementary assessment the Subject Coordinator will allocate a mark and the appropriate Administrative Code of either: 

  1. SAHE, if the additional assessment is to take the form of a centrally conducted examination (maximum grade possible is 50D); or 
  2. SAHA, if the additional assessment is to take the form of a non-centrally managed examination or other assessment (maximum grade possible is 50D); or 
  3. W if the grading schema for a subject is an ungraded pass or fail. 

(7) If the additional assessment is failed or not completed, then the final grade for the subject will be an ungraded fail (F – no mark). 

(8) Administrative Codes must be replaced by Assessment Grades when the result for the subject is finalised and according to key dates published by the Student Administration Division.  

(9) Extensions to the deadline for applying an Assessment Grade may only be granted by the Dean or nominee or, in the case of centrally managed courses or subjects, an equivalent senior academic staff member.

(10) Administrative Codes still in place after published deadlines without an approved extension will be converted by SAD into Assessment Grades in accordance with the following Conversion Chart: 

Administrative Code Assessment Grade Numerical Result
SPA, SPE NRA No result
SAHA, SAHE F No result
W NRA No result
** NRA No result