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Admissions Schedule

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Part A - General Admission Requirements

(1) Applicants to La Trobe University award coursework courses, in addition to meeting course-specific entry requirements, must also satisfy the following General Admission Requirements to be considered for admission. Applicants must:

  1. not be currently suspended or excluded from the University, or the course for which they are now applying for any reason;
  2. not be currently indebted to La Trobe;
  3. have not been excluded or had their enrolment cancelled at any other Australian higher education provider;
  4. meet the following age-related requirements:
    1. if under 16 years of age, have their parent or guardian’s consent to enrol in the course
    2. if an international student under 18 years of age, have in place a nominated guardian arrangement approved by the relevant Commonwealth department
  5. if an international student, be a genuine temporary entrant.

(2) The University:

  1. reserves the right to not make an offer to an otherwise qualified applicant in a course which still has available space where that applicant does not meet the General Admission Requirements;
  2. may still choose to make an offer to such an applicant after consideration of all the circumstances.

(3) The University requires all applicants for admission to make truthful declarations in relation to the following and on request to provide evidence of:

  1. their identity
  2. their age
  3. if under 16 years of age, their parent or guardian's consent
  4. if an international student under 18, Commonwealth-approved guardian arrangements
  5. their citizenship status
  6. their English language competency level
  7. their educational, employment and other relevant background as detailed in their application

Part B - Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) Adjustments

SEAS Category Bonus aggregate points
Indigenous Australian  15
Low Socio-Economic Status 
Regional applicants to courses at the Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Mildura and Shepparton campuses 10 
Regional applicants to all other courses 
Non-English-Speaking Background - arrived in Australia within the last 10 years 
Disability or medical condition – slight disadvantage 
Disability or medical condition – moderate disadvantage 10
Disability or medical condition – severe disadvantage 15 
Disadvantaged financial background – slight disadvantage
Disadvantaged financial background – moderate disadvantage
Disadvantaged financial background – severe disadvantage  10 
Difficult circumstances – slight disadvantage 2
Difficult circumstances – moderate disadvantage  6
Difficult circumstances – severe disadvantage  10 
First in family to attend university 5