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Recruitment Procedure - Dean

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This procedure is being updated to reflect the new Enterprise Agreement and may currently contain out of date information. If you have any questions, please lodge an Ask HR ticket.

Section 1 - Background and Purpose


(1) These Procedures establish a process for the selection and appointment of the Dean position at La Trobe University.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) These Procedures apply to Academic staff in a continuing or fixed-term position at the University.

Internal Appointments

(3) Generally, the Provost will recommend to the Vice-Chancellor that the position is open only to internal applicants.


(4) The Provost is responsible for the appointment process of Deans. The Provost may call for expressions of interest or offer a subsequent contract to the incumbent of the Dean position.

(5) The Vice-Chancellor has authority to approve the appointment of the Dean position.


(6) Staff members at Level D or above are eligible to express an interest in the position of Dean. 

(7) However, on recommendation of the Provost, the Vice-Chancellor may determine that staff members at Level C are eligible to express an interest.

Terms of Appointment

(8) The Dean appointment will combine a substantive academic appointment with a fixed-term secondment as Dean. The duration of a Dean secondment will normally be three to five years.

Advertising a Position

(9) To advertise the Dean position internally, a Job Card must be raised through Page Up. For more information contact Human Resources.


(10) To apply for the position, internal candidates are required to:

  1. submit an expression of interest through Page Up People; and
  2. address requirements of the Specific Duties Section in the Position Description.

Selection Process

(11) The Dean Selection Committee will make a selection based on merit.

(12) For internal applicants the committee will comprise:

  1. Provost (Chair);
  2. Dean of another school; 
  3. Professor within the school; and/or
  4. Senior staff member.

Finalising an Appointment

(13) The Provost will forward a recommendation for appointment to the Vice-Chancellor for endorsement through Page Up. Confirmation via electronic sign-off will enable contract generation.

External Appointments

(14) In exceptional circumstances, on recommendation of the Provost, the Vice-Chancellor may approve the decision to externally recruit a professor or associate professor to perform the role of Dean.

(15) This external appointment will usually combine a substantive academic position with a fixed-term secondment as Dean of normally three to five years.

(16) To initiate an external recruitment process, contact Human Resources. 


(17) This role attracts a responsibility allowance. For more information, refer to the Allowances and Specific Payments Procedures.

Termination of Appointment

(18) The Dean secondment will end at the date outlined in the contract of employment, unless terminated earlier.

(19) The Provost in consultation with the Executive Director, Human Resources may recommend the early termination of the secondment of the Dean position to the Vice-Chancellor. 

(20) The Vice-Chancellor has final authority to approve the early termination of Dean secondment. The incumbent will then revert to their substantive academic position (if any).

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Section 3 - Definitions

(21) For the purpose of this Procedure:

  1. Job Card: is the process in Page Up where hiring managers provide details of a position and recruitment requirements.
  2. Page Up: is the University’s e-recruitment system.