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Course and Subject Management Procedure - Subject Reviews

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Section 1 - Background and Purpose

(1) These Procedures outline an orderly approach to the review of existing subjects.

(2) The University reserves the right to restrict the number of enrolments in any subject or to teach a subject in a different manner to that set out in its published information materials, including the University Handbook. However, all subject revisions must be approved by the owning College or other academic entity. 

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Section 2 - Scope

(3) Refer to the Course and Subject Management Policy.

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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4) Refer to the Course and Subject Management Policy.

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Section 4 - Procedure

Review Cycles

(5) Review of subjects may be a regular evaluation of the success of the subject in response to distribution of results, retention rates, student feedback, staff feedback or other indicators of the health of the subject. This should be done at least every second year or more often, as determined by the College.

(6) More formal reviews should be conducted in conjunction with five yearly course reviews to assess the continuing contribution of the subject towards course learning outcomes.

Responsibility for Reviews

(7) The Subject Co-ordinator is responsible for initiating and overseeing regular reviews of the health of the subject.

(8) Formal reviews aligned to course reviews or external accreditation requirements are managed at College level.

Conduct of Regular Evaluations

(9) The Subject Co-ordinator will collate relevant data and consult with all teaching staff in the subject and with the Course Coordinators of courses in which the subject is a significant component. Recommendations for changes are to be advised to the Head of School. 

Consultation with Students

(10) Students are consulted during subject reviews using the relevant student feedback survey responses. Any changes made as a result of student feedback must be advised to students as indicated in the Student Feedback on Subjects - Publication Procedures

Formal Review Criteria

(11) Reviews will be conducted against the elements of subject design contained in the Course Design Policy which aim to ensure the alignment of teaching and learning activities, learning resources and support, assessment strategies, and feedback mechanisms in order to support student achievement of University, College and course learning outcomes to clear and appropriate standards.

Performance Indicators

(12) For formal subject reviews, key performance indicators include time series data on:

  1. Subject enrolments and completions
  2. Attrition, progression, success rates
  3. Average grades and spread of grades
  4. Student Feedback on Subjects results

Possible Review Outcomes

(13) The outcome of either type of subject review may be 

  1. no change
  2. revision
  3. suspension or closure
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Section 5 - Definitions

(14) Nil.