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  • Gender Equity PolicyThis policy details the University's commitment to promoting and encouraging gender equity and to address any gender imbalances that may exist within the University. This policy specifically covers the University's obligations and gender equity commitments.
  • Gift Acceptance PolicyThis policy and procedure ensures the University is compliant with legislation when receiving gifts and also ensures the appropriate management of gift giving.
  • Graduate Research Admission PolicyThis policy and procedure outlines the requirements for admission into a higher degree by research and how an application to enrol in a research degree is assessed.
  • Graduate Research and RTP Scholarships PolicyThis Policy outlines the principles and procedures under which the University offers higher degree by research scholarships, including RTP scholarships to candidates enrolled in higher degrees by research.
  • Graduate Research Candidature PolicyThis Policy sets out the University's requirements for undertaking candidature in a higher degree by research at La Trobe University.
  • Graduate Research Course Management PolicyThis Policy describes the framework for the proposal of new graduate research courses and the amendment, review and closure of existing research courses.
  • Graduate Research Examinations PolicyThis policy outlines the University's position in relation to the conduct of examinations for higher degrees by research.
  • Graduate Research Examinations Procedure - Appointment of ExaminersThis procedure outlines the conditions and processes for the nomination, approval and appointment of all examiners for higher degrees by research.
  • Graduate Research Examinations Procedure - Thesis Requirements, Submission and RetentionThis procedure outlines the requirements for the preparation, submission and depositing of theses for all higher degrees by research.
  • Graduate Research Progress PolicyThis Policy outlines the key measures for monitoring and supporting the progress of all graduate research candidates.
  • Graduate Research Show Cause ProcedureThis procedure specifies how the Board of Graduate Research applies the provisions in Part 3 of the Academic Progress Statute 2010, where a candidate fails to meet the
    progress requirements of their degree after appropriate intervention strategies have been exhausted.
  • Graduate Research Supervision PolicyThis policy and procedure ensures the quality supervision of research postgraduates and explains what is required of supervisors of research candidates.
  • Graduate Research Support PolicyThis policy provides the required resources and facilities for research candidates to successfully complete their degree.
  • Grievance Resolution (Staff) ProcedureThis procedure sets out the University‚Äôs position on providing a means to which our staff can have a grievance resolved which is fair, transparent, timely and one which maintains positive relationships.
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax) PolicyThis policy establishes a framework in which staff can confidently apply the GST legislative requirements to University operations.
  • GST Procedure - AppropriationsThis procedure outlines the process for GST and appropriations. An appropriation is defined as a payment of a funding nature made by a government related entity to another government related entity (or agency).
  • GST Procedure - Barter and In-Kind TransactionsThis procedures details the how the University can incur a GST liability when it makes a supply for consideration. Consideration will usually be money, but it can include non-monetary forms of payment, such as barter transactions or in-kind contributions.
  • GST Procedure - Codes Used in SAPThis procedure lists the GST codes to be used when processing transactions in SAP.
  • GST Procedure - HeaderThis procedure provides an overview on how the GST system operates, types of GST supplies, taxable and GST free supplies, contracts and GST clauses, non-commercial activities and compliance.
  • GST Procedure - ImportationGST is payable on most goods imported into Australia. This procedure outlines the processing of imports in SAP, custom agent invoices and posting rules.
  • GST Procedure - Tax Invoices and Accounts PayablesThis procedure outlines the requirement to obtain a valid tax invoice for university purchases (over $82.50) so that the University can claim a GST refund from the Australian Taxation Office.
  • GST Procedure - Tax Invoices and Accounts ReceivableThis procedure provides for the issuing of valid tax invoices to University customers in order for them to claim a refund for the GST paid on sales from the Australian Taxation Office.