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  • Paid Additional Work Within the University - Full Time Staff ProcedureThis procedure seeks to set out the circumstances in which full-time academic and general staff may engage in paid additional work within the University.
  • Parental Leave Entitlements PolicyThis Policy and Procedure sets out the paid parental leave entitlements under the Collective Agreement.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) PolicyThis policy and procedure provide a set of guidelines to prevent payment card fraud and to improve security around processing and storing of customers' payment card details.
  • Performance and Development (Career Success) ProcedureThe University is committed to developing and retaining high performing staff. This procedure supports the Career Success - Annual Cycle and applies to all continuing or fixed-term staff members.
  • Pets on Campus PolicyThis policy and procedure applies to pet owners wishing to bring their pets to campus in order to minimise the risks to others and property.
  • Portable and Attractive Items PolicyThis policy and procedure provides a framework to determine if an item being purchased meets the definition of a Portable and Attractive item and if it needs to be records on the Portable and Attractive item register.
  • Posthumous Awards PolicyThis policy and procedure provides equitable guidelines for the posthumous granting of an award in the event of the death of an enrolled student of La Trobe University.
  • Pre-Retirement ProcedureThis procedure has been developed to support continuing staff transition into retirement and to assist La Trobe in implementing effective succession planning.
  • Privacy - Health Information PolicyThis policy and procedure explains how the University manages health information and how an individual can make a complaint if they believe there has been an interference with their privacy.
  • Privacy - Personal Information PolicyThe Privacy Policy and Procedure informs staff and students how the University manages their personal information in accordance with relevant privacy legislation.
  • Procurement PolicyThis policy outlines the University's procurement pproach so that all procurement processes are executed by the most suitable and effective method for the procurement need.
  • Property on Loan, Lease or Hire PolicyThis policy and procedure provides guidance relating to transactions involving lending, borrowing of property/equipment between the University and outside people/organisations.
  • Protected Disclosure PolicyThis policy and procedure details the University‚Äôs commitment to compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act and includes the relevant consumer protection and unfair business practice provisions contained in the Australian Consumer Law Act.
  • Protection of Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom PolicyThis policy ensures the freedom of lawful speech of members of the University and ensures academic freedom is treated as defining value by the University.