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New Enterprise Agreement Policy Updates

We are in the process of updating staff policies to reflect the new Enterprise Agreement which came into effect 8 January 2024. A phased approach to updating policies is underway. This means some policies are yet to be updated.

You can view the new EA here or lodge an Ask HR ticket if you have any questions

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  • Re-employment of Redundant Staff PolicyThis policy and procedure sets out the University's position on the re-employment of redundant and retrenched staff members and the process for application to re-employ redundant staff members in exceptional circumstances.
  • Recognition of Significant Service and Contributions PolicyThis Policy seeks to provide meaningful opportunities for the recognition of individuals or organisations who have made outstanding contributions and/or delivered honourable service to the University.
  • Recognition of Student Organisations PolicyThis policy provides for the recognition of student organisations by the University and establishes core principles for University recognition of student organisations.
  • Records Management PolicyThis policy ensures the University has legislatively compliant record keeping practices.
  • Recruitment PolicyThis policy and procedure sets out the overarching principles to guide managers in the recruitment process of staff in academic (level A-E) and professional (HEO1-10 and ESMC 1-4) positions.
  • Recruitment Procedure - Head of DepartmentThis procedure establishes the process for the selection and appointment of the Head of Department position and apply to academic staff in a continuing or fixed-term position at the University.
  • Recruitment Procedure - Professors of PracticeThis procedure explains the process for appointing Professors (level E) or Associate Professors (level D) of Professional Practice in a range of disciplinary areas.
  • Recruitment Procedure - DeanThis procedure establishes the process for the selection and appointment of the Head of School position and apply to academic staff in a continuing or fixed-term position at the University.
  • Recruitment Procedure - Position NomenclatureThis procedure outlines the framework to ensure that position titles used within the University are consistent and appropriately titled and are applicable to the classification of all positions within the University.
  • Redeployment ProcedureThis procedure applies to academic and professional staff when an employee holds a position that is (or will become) surplus to operational requirements at La Trobe University.
  • Relocation Assistance PolicyThis policy and procedure applies to new hires and existing La Trobe staff who are requested to relocate from their primary place of residence in order to take up an academic or professional position.
  • Remote Pilot Aircraft PolicyThis Policy has been developed to ensure the operation of Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA), otherwise popularly referred to as â€~drones’, by all members of University community including staff, students, contractors and visitors is compliant with the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.
  • Remuneration and Benefits PolicyThis policy outlines the commitment the University has towards achieving remuneration outcomes which are market competitive, fair, equitable, legally compliant and within the 'capacity to pay' of the University.
  • Remuneration and Benefits Procedure - Executive and Senior Management ClassificationThis procedure describes the process undertaken to classify and determine the level of remuneration for executive and senior level positions.
  • Remuneration and Benefits Procedure - Performance PayThis procedure ensures consistency, transparency, fairness and equity when applying performance payments for all fixed term and ongoing staff as part of the Career Success Annual Cycle.
  • Remuneration and Benefits Procedure - Salary LoadingsThis procedure provides the framework to assist University managers in determining appropriate salary loadings which are sometimes required to be paid in addition to base salaries and direction on the required approval levels.
  • Remuneration and Benefits Procedure - Senior Staff Annual Remuneration ReviewThis procedure provides the framework for the annual review of remuneration for University staff employed under a Senior Staff Performance Contract or an Executive Contract.
  • Research - Higher Degree Student Misconduct ProcedureThis procedure outlines University's process for dealing with any suspected breaches of research integrity by a higher degree student undertaking research.
  • Research Animal Ethics ProcedureThis procedure ensures that La Trobe staff conform to the Code, legislative requirements and current best practice.
  • Research Authorship and Outputs PolicyThis policy and procedure states the requirements for the attribution and management of research authorship to outputs.
  • Research Biosafety and Biosecurity PolicyThis Policy outlines the University's commitment to providing governance and and oversight in effectively managing the actual and potential biosafety and/or biosecurity risks associated with the University's biological research and teaching activities.
  • Research Biosafety and Biosecurity ProcedureThis procedure informs staff, students, visitors and contractors of their responsibilities with respect to biosafety and biosecurity arising from their teaching, research and teaching activities.
  • Research Centres PolicyThis policy and procedure regulates the establishment, management, reporting, review and disestablishment of La Trobe University research Centres in line with the Research Centres Strategic Framework and principles.
  • Research Clinical Trials PolicyThis Policy provides a framework to ensure the highest standards of clinical practice, ethics, safety in the governance of clinical trials.
  • Research Contracts and Grants PolicyThis policy and procedure determines the framework within which staff members can apply for research grants or develop research contracts and includes the development of research funding applications, research contracts and the administration and acquittal of funded research projects.
  • Research Data Management PolicyThis policy and procedure sets out the requirements for La Trobe University researchers to manage their research data and primary materials in accordance with University policy, and legal, statutory, ethical and funding bodies requirements.
  • Research Governance PolicyThis Policy outlines the framework for research governance at La Trobe.
  • Research Human Ethics ProcedureThis procedure ensures that human research conducted by La Trobe staff and students conforms to the National Statement, other related legislative requirements and current best practice.
  • Research Integrity PolicyThis policy determines the framework for the responsible conduct of research and the regulatory environment for La Trobe University and its staff and students who engage in research.
  • Research Misconduct ProcedureThis procedure outlines the University's process for addressing allegations of research misconduct.
  • Research Peer Review ProcedureThis policy and procedure outlines the responsibilities of researchers in the peer review process that are consistent with the Standards of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2007) and the Singapore Statement (2010).
  • Risk Management PolicyThis policy and procedure establishes the framework, language, roles and responsibilities for managing risk within La Trobe University.