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New Enterprise Agreement Policy Updates

We are in the process of updating staff policies to reflect the new Enterprise Agreement which came into effect 8 January 2024. A phased approach to updating policies is underway. This means some policies are yet to be updated.

You can view the new EA here or lodge an Ask HR ticket if you have any questions

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  • Academic Dress PolicyThis policy and procedure provides for the prescription and use of academic dress and establishes core principles governing the use of academic dress.
  • Academic Progression Review PolicyThis policy and procedure deals with the conditions and processes adopted by the University to assess the academic progress of enrolled students.
  • Academic Promotions PolicyThis policy and procedure informs prospective applicants and the Academic Promotions Committee of the policy and principles underlying the promotion process for academic staff members seeking promotion to Academic levels B, C, D and E at La Trobe University.
  • Access to Licenced Electronic Information Resources PolicyThis policy is intended to ensure that licensed electronic information resources for which access through the University network is negotiated by the University Library, are only used in compliance with the licence conditions expressed in the agreements between the University and information providers.
  • Admissions PolicyThis Policy outlines the principles and processes governing the eligibility and selection of applicants to the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate coursework courses.
  • Admissions ProcedureThis procedure outlines the processes for admission to La Trobe University in accordance with the principles detailed in the Admissions Policy.
  • Admissions Procedure - CreditThis procedure details the arrangements under which La Trobe University grants credit towards coursework courses from previous studies or activities in accordance with the Higher Education Standards Framework and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Admissions ScheduleThis is the Admissions Schedule which outlines the general admission requirements.
  • Admissions Standard - CreditThis Standard details the application of credit and applies to students enrolling in courses new to them from 1 January 2020.
  • Appeals PolicyThis Policy provides the basis through which students may appeal a decision taken by an officer or committee of the University.
  • Appointment of Distinguished Professors PolicyThis policy and procedures sets out the process for appointing Distinguished Professors.
  • Assessment PolicyThis policy and procedure articulates the University's approach to assessment of student work as a central component of curriculum design.
  • Assessment Procedure - Adjustments (including Special Consideration)The procedure outlines when the University allows adjustments to assessment arrangements, marks, and grades.
  • Assessment Procedure - ExaminationsThis Procedure establishes the authority, roles and responsibilities for the conduct and management of coursework examinations.
  • Assessment Procedure - Validation and ModerationThis Procedure sets out the University’s approach to validation and moderation of assessment.
  • Assessment Schedule - Grades and Administrative CodesThis Schedule provides the official record of the current grading scheme and the methodology for calculating overall indicators of student academic performance.
  • Assessment StandardsThese Standards set out the expectations that the University holds for assessment in subjects and courses, and should be read in conjunction with the Assessment Policy and its associated procedures.
  • Asset Management PolicyThis policy applies to all purchased, bequeathed or donated assets across the University and its controlled entities. This policy sets out to ensure that all the University’s assets are accounted for on the Fixed Assets Register and managed appropriately in accordance with statutes, regulations, government policies and Accounting Standards.
  • Asset Management Procedure - Disposal/SaleThese procedures outline the disposal of University assets to ensure the University operates in accordance with statutes, regulations and government policies.
  • Autonomous Sanctions PolicyThis policy and procedure sets out the University's approach and commitment to maintaining compliance with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions regimes and Autonomous Sanctions regime.