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  • Secondment ProcedureThis procedure governs the arrangements for secondments within the University and also between the University and other institutions or organisations.
  • Security PolicyThis policy outlines the role of Infrastructure and Operations, Security and Traffic Divisions in the effective and safe administration of the provision of campus security.
  • Selection Committee PolicyThis policy outlines the requirements, roles and responsibilities of staff nominated to Selection Committees of the University.
  • Sexual Harm Prevention and Response PolicyThis Policy and Procedure informs the University's response to reports of sexual assault perpetrated by or against students and staff.
  • Sexual Harm Prevention and Response Procedure - DFAT Funded Programs and ActivitiesThis Procedure outlines the University's commitment to minimising harm and managing the risk of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and the compliance obligations prescribed by DFAT.
  • Single Subjects PolicyThis policy and procedure define the steps for enrolment in a single subjects where assessment is being attempted and the conditions by which a subject can be audited.
  • Space Planning - Booking and Usage ProcedureThis procedure defines and communicates guidelines governing the classification, request, approval, booking, use and costing of space to staff, students, internal and external clients.
  • Space Planning - City Campus Space Use and Charging ProcedureThis procedure clarifies how teaching spaces, meeting rooms and common spaces at the City Campus can be used by internal and external clients and when a charge for use applies.
  • Space Planning PolicyThis policy and procedure outlines the principles and requirements for the management of space planning.
  • SPAM PolicyThis policy outlines the permissions and prohibitions of sending unsolicited commercial electronic messages under the SPAM Act 2003.
  • Special Consideration PolicyThis policy and procedure applies to the handling of applications for Special Consideration to promote equity, consistency and efficiency.
  • Statutory Requirements for Committees PolicyThis policy and procedure outlines the mandatory Statutory Requirements for the University and University Companies and the approach to their finances and accounting.
  • Student Behaviours PolicyThis policy specifically covers related unacceptable behaviours such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, violence, vilification and victimisation which may occur in person or via remote, digital or cyber means.
  • Student Complaints Management PolicyThis policy and procedure explains the complaint management system of the University for students.
  • Student Conduct Management PolicyThis Policy outlines the process by which student behavior issues will be managed by the University.
  • Student Fee PolicyThis policy outlines the arrangements for the setting , review, payment and refund of fees and charges levied on students for their enrolment in courses and subjects at La Trobe University.
  • Student Fee Procedure - International Students RefundThis procedure outlines the arrangements for the refund of fees and charges on international students for their acceptances and enrolments in courses and subjects at La Trobe University.
  • Student Fee Procedure - Remission of DebtThis policy and procedure establishes the framework within which the University receives, reviews and responds to applications for remission of debt for domestci Commonwealth Supported students and upfront fee -paying students including international students.
  • Student Feedback on Subjects - Administration ProceduresThis procedure details the administrative process relating to the Student Feedback on Subjects surveys.
  • Student Feedback on Subjects - Publication ProceduresThis procedure details the conditions under which data from the Student Feedback on Subjects surveys and College and University responses will be made available to interested parties.
  • Student Feedback on Subjects PolicyThis policy explains how the University seeks feedback from student’s on their perceptions of subjects in all teaching modes which will be used in both the summative and formative evaluation of subjects.
  • Student Feedback on Teaching PolicyThis policy and procedure explains how the University seeks feedback from students on aspects of teaching via the Student Feedback on Teaching questionnaire as part of its academic quality assurance processes.
  • Student Involuntary Medical Leave PolicyThis policy and procedure provides a leave option with managed return to study for students with a serious health condition; along with providing a process for placing a student on involuntary leave where there is a reasonable belief that the student has a serious health condition that makes them unfit to attend the University.
  • Student Mobility Grant PolicyThis policy outlines the basis on which La Trobe University students may receive University funding for international mobility programs.
  • Student Organisation President Leave of Absence and Special Consideration PolicyThis policy ensures that the academic progress of the president of a Recognised Student Organisation is not adversley affected by undertaking the duties of that office.
  • Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) PolicyThis policy and procedure outlines the government provisions to help the University to fund student amenities and services not of an academic nature.
  • Student Transition Experience PolicyThis policy contributes to improving the overall engagement, retention, satisfaction, learning and success of first-year students.
  • Student Transition Experience Procedure - Coursework StudentsThis document outlines the University's commitment to supporting the effective transition into higher education for all students.
  • Students' Loan Fund PolicyThe purpose of the Students' Loan Fund is to provide financial support for students during the period they are enrolled for an award course at La Trobe University. This policy and procedure operationalises the Students' Loan Fund.
  • Subject (Different Instances) PolicyThis policy and procedure ensures that students enrolled in different instances of the same subject have a comparable learning experience, are assessed against the same criteria and achieve the same learning outcomes.
  • Surveys Electronic Software ProcedureThis procedure details the provisions in accessing the University’s survey software and should be read in conjunction with the Surveys Policy.
  • Surveys PolicyThis policy and procedure established the framework for the orderly and effective use of la Trobe University surveys of staff and students and includes graduates and prospective students.
  • Sustainable Transport PolicyThis policy formulates the university’s overall guidelines for a sustainable approach to University travel.